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21st-Mar-2013 08:33 pm - [sticky post] Milk
Hello. I don't really post anything here(yet.. maybe?) but I read a lot of fanfics and comment with this account. Hi. Yeah. I already said that. If you write JongKey then you may assume that I love you. 
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10th-Jan-2015 09:08 pm - fan!au??

please rec me some fics where one part is famous and the other is their fan. It doesn't matter what they would be famous for, tho. ^^ Give me all kinds of fame you know! :3  I love JongKey in SHINee(as in can't ship them with anyone else)  but in exo or other groups the ship wouldn't matter, although I have preferences there too I just really want to read fics like this (I've already read a few) and it's basically IMPOSSIBLE to google for :C I'd be greatful for any recommendations. (except I don't read idolxOC stories)

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